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Gorgeous Go Go Dancers!

Summer is a Professional Showgirl and dance instructor and often performs as a backup Singer & Dancer for Top 40 bands at Casinos.

She loves to Go-Go dance to house & Hip-Hop music. USC events, Aristocrats, Neumos, & Medusa.


A U.W graduate with a degree in International studies and a marketing specialist for Starbucks, she's danced at various clubs in Seattle from Medusa, Catwalk, Premier, Bohemian, Aristocrats, Last Supper Club, EMP, and many major events like the Playboy Party and Pre-Maxim Party.

She loves dancing to techno and hip hop! House music is definitely her favorite to GoGo dance to.  Donald Glaude and Paul Van Dyke are her favorites.

She also loves the skills of her local Seattle DJ Scene (hip hop Yo Son Chop Suey).

Miss Astre
Miss Astre earned 3 year dance certificate from the Alvin Ailey Dance center in New York, while performing as a GoGo dancer at Club Cheetah and as Magenta in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

She's a pro fitness, yoga & samba instructor and loves world music. She dances at Catwalk, Mirabeau Room, & Medusa.


Maria is 24 years old and has been a part of the dance culture since   16 years old.

Sha has raved with the best of them. DJ Simply Jeff, DJ Icey, DJ Baby Ann, DJ Richard "Humpty" Vission and others.

Maria loves GoGo dancing at OCO, Contour, Lulu's (closed now), The Last Supper Club, Catwalk & The Drake. Her favorite types of music are R&B, Hip-Hop, Garage & House.

Miss Pamela
Pamela has a BA in dance from UNLV and is a professional dancer and choreographer in Seattle.

She does everything:  Ballet, jazz, salsa, hip-hop & musical theatre. Some of her favorite hot spots to GoGo are the Catwalk Club, Bohemian, and Medusa and she loves everything from Hip-Hop to House!