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About Technotreff.com

We are a Los Angeles based company supporting the Electronic music scene.

After traveling the globe and being involved in the electronic music scene for over 10 years strong we decided it was time to put in our two cents. The electronic music scene has always been a major part of our lives. We have seen DJ's come and go, we have been to some of the best clubs on the globe. Our goal is to provide our culture with an informational site that is real. We want to tell it like it is. Technotreff will feature up and coming talent, reviews, pictures of our featured clubs and DJ's, and a calendar of events where you can expect to see us or listen to one of our DJ's! Technotreff is a small group of people that is true to the scene.  We want to bring back the vibe that we all used to know. We want promoters across the map to stop the propaganda of putting big names on flyers just to make a buck.  Technotreff is all about a good vibe, and going to a club to hear your favorite DJ.  We are here to support the true mix masters that will take you on a journey you will never forget.


We believe a good event comes from the heart, Starting with the promoter, right down to every record put on the turntables. Technotreff consists of promoters, DJ's, talent scouts, models, recording, photographers, and most of all: YOU!  We are here to support the electronic music scene to the fullest.

Technotreff wants to send a message to the world:  TECHNO MUSIC IS HERE TO STAY! 

TECHNO = Electronic, Hard-Driving Disco Dance Music

Technotreff hopes to send a DJ to your next event, or help promote your event.  If it's electronic music, we want to be involved. We hope to see all of you out there at one time or another.  Remember, we want to keep it real.


All contents herein Copyright 2002-2008 Technotreff.com.  All Rights Reserved.

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